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About the Marlow Remembers WW1 Association


We set up the Marlow Remembers World War One Association to ensure that, one hundred years on from the conflict, there was an appropriate range of events and activities to commemorate the impact of the War upon the people and town of Marlow and surrounding area.


The Association was entirely led by volunteers and included representatives from a number of local interest groups and societies, such as the Marlow Society, Marlow Museum and the Royal British Legion. Local schools were also represented on the group. We are grateful for the financial support that we received from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Marlow Town Council and PwC.

Our role was to act as a local umbrella organisation, co-ordinating and encouraging the activities of other local groups. We focused attention and provided the link to county and national programmes and initiatives. We were also a source of ideas for other societies, groups and individuals.


Our overall goal was to record and commemorate the effects of World War One (1914-1918) on the communities of Marlow Town, Marlow Bottom, Great Marlow, Little Marlow, Medmenham and Bisham. In particular, we focused on raising the awareness and understanding of the impact of the war on local people and the town.

We aimed to:


Our Committe:


Andy Ford - Chairman

Mike Hyde - Vice Chairman and Marlow Museum

Belinda Ford - Secretary

Gareth Roblin - Treasurer

Jan Caddie - Research

Martin Blunkell - Marlow Society liaison

Geoff Wood - Marlow Society liaison

Shaun Murphy - Royal British Legion liaison

Claire Farrell - Schools Liaison


With support from:


Jon Hilton - Museum artefacts

Philip Kersey - Museum display design and production

Gerry Palmer, Chris Kelly, Kelvin Warne - Website maintenance

Tony Birkett - Newsletter editor




Below are the newsletters published during the commemoration period. Although references in them to future events are now out of date, the historical content remains valid for all times.


Newsletter - March 2014. (pdf 2.7mb)


Newsletter - January 2015. (pdf 3.7mb)


Newsletter - May 2015. (pdf 4.3mb)


Newsletter - November 2015. (pdf 4.1mb)


Newsletter - May 2016. (pdf 1.2mb)


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