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Older Items - Transport News - Parking Questionnaire

Thank you for all your inputs to this survey, which have been very helpful in our approach to this ongoing subject. This specific survey is now closed.


Dear Member,


Back in 2007 your Society circulated a questionnaire in which we asked members to answer a series of questions concerned with the problems of parking in Marlow. This was linked to a WDC proposal to introduce a Special Parking Area to our town. As you know, nothing came of this or the many other initiatives that we have paid for during the last 20 years. Your Executive Committee is currently discussing possible ways forward with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce. In order to proceed further I need the views of all of the Society's members. To this end I have attached a questionnaire to this letter and hope that I will receive a 100% response. Mitigating this problem is clearly beyond the capability of our local authorities in spite of the significant sums of our money spent on consultants. It is time for us to take the initiative together.


As a starter here are the issues as we see them. Please fill in the questionnaire and send it back to me.




  • There are not sufficient parking places in Marlow to meet the daytime requirements of residents, incoming workers and visitors.
  • Incoming workers will always seek free parking close to their place of work.
  • Drivers will be unwilling to pay for on street parking if they cannot see a clear benefit.
  • There has been no fundamental change to the parking regime in spite of 20 years of unfulfilled promises and consultants reports. The introduction of limited waiting times in the High St, Causeway and Institute Road is acknowledged.
  • Existing off-street car parks have insufficient capacity and their pricing offers no clear incentive for their use to be more effective in reducing on street parking.
  • We have to reach an equitable and accepted balance between the expectations of:
    • Residents
    • Workers who commute to Marlow by car
    • The shops and businesses located in the town centre
    • The taxpayer as represented by Bucks CC and the WDC


Please return your completed questionnaire to our Hon Sec, George Lawrence at 22 Rookery Court, SL7 3H.

If you can reply electronically please send your reply to tmssecretary@

Either way PLEASE give us your current e mail address. Electronic communication helps us to operate efficiently.


Martin Blunkell


The Marlow Society


Download Questionnaire (word document - for printing and or adding input electronically)


Download Questionnaire (pdf document - for printing)




To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup





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