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Older Items - Transport News - Parking Meters

Parking Meters in Marlow: There is an intention to put parking meters on town centre parking bays that are currently free to park on for a short stay.


Status May 2018: After a strong campaign (see below) and very high response opposing the intended imposition of this parking policy by BCC, it seems probable that this issue will go on hold now that the County Council's emphasis has turned to the debate on the decision by the Secretary of State on the choice of one or two Unitary Councils for Buckinghamshire. Nevertheless, the Society will remain vigilant.


A petition against this ran from 17th October to 14th November 2017 and collected over 7400 signatures voting for BCC to withdraw the proposals. There is information on the petition result at - https://democracy. mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx? ID=4302


BCC continued with the next stage, which was a consultation period for one month from 9th February to 10th March 2018, with a drop in session on 15th February at Sir William Borlase's school. There is more information about this and other proposals in the Buckinghamshire County Council document Marlow Key Decision Report (pdf 283kb).


The online consultation questionnaire and more information was available on the BCC website at . this has has now closed.


The Society has worked closely with the Marlow Town Council and the Chamber of Trade and Commerce to oppose the Bucks County Council plan to change this currently free parking in Marlow to paid parking. The Society's submission to the consultation is here (.pdf) - March 2018.


Unfortunately, we feel that the whole procedure adopted by the County Council has been a mixture of misinformation, concealed information and worse. The statistics used to support its argument have been shown to be selective in the extreme. We await the next step.



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