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The Marlow Society


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Past Events - AGM 2021

The Marlow Society's 60th Annual General Meeting

was held by digital conference

on Thursday 27th May 2021 at 7:30pm


Registration to attend AGM

Please see The Marlow Society newsletter, delivered to members April 2021, for details.


The business of the meeting was to receive the Executive Committee's Report and the Society's Accounts to end of December 2020, to elect the Officers and the Members of the Executive Committee and to appoint an Independent Examiner.


The minutes of the 2019 AGM were formally signed off -

2019 AGM minutes (pdf)


The minutes of this 2021 AGM are provisional, to be formally signed off at the next AGM -

2021 AGM provisional minutes (pdf)

Exceptionally, no AGM was held in 2020.


Nominations for Officers and for other Members of the Executive Committee were invited.


Any Member of the Society is eligible to stand for these elections.

The Committee encourages Members to put themselves forward for election. Nominations should be submitted in writing (which may be by email) to Hon Secretary at least 14 days before AGM - that is by 13th May.


Nominations, noting the role or roles for which you wish to stand, are to be supported by a seconder who is a Society Member.

A nomination form is not essential, but is available from Hon Sec.


If you would like to talk with present members of the Committee to find out more about the work, please contact the Chairman, Martin Blunkell.

A quorum was necessary for AGM to transact the business of the charity. The attendance of members on May 27th was requested.


Trustees' Report
for the year ended 31st December 2020



Objects of the charity, No. 262803


These continue to be for the protection and improvement of the environment in the Marlow area, which consists of the parishes of Great Marlow, Little Marlow, Marlow Town, Bisham and Medmenham by: 1. Working to protect features of historic or public interest and improve the environment. 2. Educating the public in the geography, history and architecture of the Marlow area. 3. Promoting high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the Marlow area.


Main Activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to the objects


To further its objectives the Society met with local councillors on ten occasions, using Zoom technology, to discuss matters of planning, transport, river issues and environment. This enabled the constructive exchange of information and opinions that has characterised the sound working relationship established over many years.


The constraints on public gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic have prevented the holding of any public events, talks and walks during the year.


Mindful of its origin as the Bridge Preservation Society the Marlow Society continued to demand that the Buckinghamshire County Council introduce comprehensive measures to prevent overweight vehicles crossing the Marlow Bridge. There has been an ongoing dialogue throughout the year involving our Member of Parliament, Bucks County councillors and the engineering team at Highways for Bucks. Regrettably, progress has been slow and beset with bureaucracy.




The Society celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding in this year. The threat of demolition and replacement by a simple concrete structure was successfully vanquished by a major campaign led by Professor Griffith. The subsequent building of the bypass and rebuilding of the bridge ensured that the town’s iconic focus was retained for future generations.


The Society monitored all local planning applications submitted throughout the year and the Society submitted its comments to the Planning Authority where appropriate. Advice  has been proffered to members when sought.


The Society’s Local History Group has continued its research into the local history of Marlow and its surrounding parishes. Many requests for information come in from around the world and group members have been able to answer most positively.


The Society collaborated with the Marlow Town Council requesting the BC to finally define the footpaths across Liston Court as a right of way.


The Society has continued to develop its website providing updated information about its activities for its members and local people. There has been an ongoing partnership with Marlow’s archaeological societies.


The Society’s membership has been maintained and now stands at 670. The number of new members has offset the sad loss of departed members.


The Executive Management Committee has met every month throughout the year with the exception of January and August and has received regular reports from its subcommittees and officers.


The Society has published and distributed three Newsletters during the year to all members. The Newsletter was available to the public at the Bucks Council’s Information Centre in the town.


These activities were undertaken by volunteers: there are no employees.



To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup





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