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The Marlow Society


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Annual General Meeting 2022

The Marlow Society 61st Annual General Meeting

was held at

7.30pm on Friday 27th May 2022
at Christ Church URC, Oxford Road


1. Chairman's opening remarks
2. Apologies for absence
3. Adopt the Minutes of the 60th AGM
4. Consider matters arising from the Minutes
5. Receive the Executive Committee's Report
6. Receive the Statement of Accounts
7. Elect the Officers of the Society:
Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary
8. Elect an Executive Committee
of between five and fifteen Members of the Society
9. Appoint an Independent Examiner of the 2022 Accounts

Joy Morrissey MP will address the Society on 'The Green Belt' following the formal meeting


Please see The Marlow Society newsletter, delivered to members May 2022, for information on submitting nominations for the Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.


The minutes of the 2021 AGM were provisional, to be formally signed off at this AGM -

2021 AGM provisional minutes (pdf)


The minutes of this 2022 AGM will be included here when they are available.

A quorum was necessary for AGM to transact the business of the charity. The attendance of members on May 27th was requested.



Executive Committee Report
for AGM 2022


In line with our Constitution, the Society's executive committee provides a formal report to Members at the AGM. The relatively small size of the charity does not require the Trustees to make an annual report to the Charity Commission - so this piece takes a look at what could have been provided while emphasising the work of the committee.


Governing Document

The charity is administered and managed by the Executive Committee subject to and in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution, the current version of which was approved in May 2017.


The power to appoint trustees is vested in the Society's Executive Committee. Trustees of the Society are: Mr Martin Blunkell MBE, Mr Michael New OBE, Mr Geoff Wood.


Objects of the charity, No. 262803

These continue to be for the protection and improvement of the environment in the Marlow area, which consists of the parishes of Great Marlow, Little Marlow, Marlow Town, Bisham and Medmenham by:

o Working to protect features of historic or public interest and improve the environment

o Educating the public in the geography, history and architecture of the Marlow area

o Promoting high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the Marlow area


Methods to achieve the Objects

To further its objectives the Society's executive met with local councillors on ten occasions, using Zoom technology on all but one occasion, to discuss matters of planning, transport, river issues and environment. This enabled the constructive exchange of information and opinions that has characterised the sound working relationship established over many years.


Committee members represent the Society on Bucks County South West Chilterns Community Board's four 'Action Groups' - Community, Environment, Transport and Economy.


The constraints on public gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic have prevented the holding of any live public events, talks or walks during the year.


The Executive Committee has met every month throughout the year with the exception of August and January and has received regular reports from its sub-committees and officers.


The Society has published and distributed three Newsletters during the year to all members. The Newsletter was available to the public at the Bucks Council’s Information Centre in the town. The society was represented at the Marlow Carnival and was pleased to recruit several new members.


The Society’s membership has been maintained and now stands at 670. The number of new members has offset the sad loss of departed members.


These activities were undertaken by volunteers: there are no employees.


Environmental protection

The Bridge

The Bucks Council has commenced a £1.4M repair programme for the Marlow Bridge. It continues to accept that over 400 overweight cross each day each inflicting unnecessary wear that will ultimately result in bridge closure and expensive restoration. Enforcement of the weight restricting falls to Thames Valley Police and Bucks Trading Standards team, neither of which is disposed to take action. We have consulted our MP but no further preventative measures are planned.


Little Marlow Country Park

Various planning applications for developments within the Park have been a cause for concern. We worked with the Boathouse Trust to bring about improvements to their proposals to ensure that free passage along the river path can be maintained. Worries about parking pressures in the area and in particular on the Gossmore car park remain.


We were pleased to see the rejection of a proposal for a large battery storage facility at the east side of the Park.


The proposals for the film studio came forward during the second half of the year and the society began the task of consulting members and formulating our position. A planning application is awaited.


The Society has continued to press both the Marlow Town Council and the Bucks Council to approve the diagonal footpath across Liston Court as a right of way. It has also repeatedly raised the poor state of that area and the need for restoration and proper maintenance. However, both councils failed to make progress on either matter.



The Local History Group of the Society has continued its research into the local history of Marlow and its surrounding parishes. Many requests for information come in from around the world and group members have been able to answer most positively. Four talks were given during the calendar year by Zoom and were well received my members and guests.


The Society has continued to develop its website providing updated information about its activities for its members and local people. There has been an ongoing partnership with Marlow’s archaeological society.


Planning standards

All local planning applications submitted throughout the year were monitored by the Society its comments were submitted to the Planning Authority where appropriate. Advice has been proffered to members when sought.


Geoff Wood

Trustee and Exec member.



To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup





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