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In Memory - Dr Rachel Brown (1922 - 2015)

Dr Rachel Brown

Dr Rachel Brown (1922 - June 2015)


Rachel White was born at Widmere Farm in 1922. She went to reading University and graduated with a BSc in Dairying in 1942. She became a junior lecturer at what is now known as the Queen Elizabeth College - part of the University of London in 1947 and by 1961 she was head of the faculty.


Rachel returned to Marlow in 1961 to Rews Farm, where she and her husband, David, managed a dairy herd. In 1990 Rachel was widowed. The role of the farm was changed to an equestrian centre, with Rachel still being involved in the maintenance of standards right to the end of her life.



From the time that she and David set up home in Marlow, Rachel became a major contributor to the social fabric of the community. She became a trustee of the Myers Trust where she ensured that relief went to the truly needy. She joined the Marlow Players; she became the Chairman and then President of the Marlow and District Horticultural Society and the Chairman and later Vice President of the Marlow Society. Those were not titular roles - she made things happen.


She was co-author of two books charting the history of Marlow - a topic on which she had become a notable expert. One of her great legacies to Marlow is the research and documented history of our district that she left to us.


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