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Marlow Residents in History - 10 articles of research by Hugh Grice

The articles below were written by Hugh Grice and preserved for posterity on a CD, as per his Author's Postscript reproduced below:






The articles on this compact disc have resulted from work conducted over the years of my retirement, and I wish to vouch for the considerable pleasure the work has given me as an amateur researcher. Each was like doing a jigsaw where every added piece enlarged the picture, yet in no case could it ever be said to be complete : more information always seemed to be needed, though often it was out of reach. As a consequence, it is highly probable that others may come along and be able to add to the detail, and I hope that this may be so.

I should therefore like to make a plea to all those who share an interest in local history, and that is to make a record of what they know of it and add to the common stock of knowledge. In my view it would be sad if important information were to be lost through inactivity, and its availability would undoubtedly give much satisfaction to those who sought it.

Hugh Grice

May 2007




 (pdf)  Lt.-Col. Sir Albert Henry Hime, KCMG, PC. (1842 to 1919) - his associations with Bermuda, Natal and Marlow.


 (pdf)  Marlovians and the East India Company


 (pdf)  Spinfield - the Marlow house and its associations with Jamaica in the 19th century


 (pdf)  The Admirals at Thames Lawn, Marlow


 (pdf)  The Hammonds of Western House, Marlow


 (pdf)  The House of Cocks - 19th century residents of Thames Lawn


 (pdf)  The Rise and Fall of Lord Terrington - of Spinfield House, 1920 to 1927. (Extracts from The Times and other publications)


 (pdf)  The Two Brueres - a tale of Marlow and Bermuda in the 18th Century


 (pdf)  Wadham Wyndham (1793-1849) - of Beech Lodge, and the Deanery, Marlow, 1819 to 1849


 (pdf)  Notes on Westhorpe and Little Marlow in the 1840s


Hugh also wrote the article featured in these Marlow History pages on

Frank Smedley (select to visit webpage, or select here to view as a .pdf).



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