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Planning - Dec 2021

No major planning matters have appeared recently save of course the Film Studio which is covered elsewhere in this edition.


Coldmoor Lane Battery Storage

The planning application for a battery storage unit on land adjacent to Coldmoor Lane and in the Greenbelt was turned down. The developers submitted an appeal which included a lot of new 'evidence'. However, the appeal was rejected due to the siting.


Liston Court New Flats

Sorbon have submitted an application to build two new flats above what is now a car park and storage area. The Society has no objection to this development itself but Sorbon have proposed removing the walkway through from Liston Road to Liston Gardens. This route provides easy access for all from Liston Road carpark to the High St. Sorbon have proposed to Bucks Council that an alternative route would be to the east using a gravel and muddy path which is clearly not suitable for disabled persons. The Society has made representations to the Council on this issue.


Everyman Cinema

This project seems to be proceeding. Approval has been given. The developers first have to undertake an archaeological study. We await with interest what they find.


Enforcement - lack of

Recently it has been noted that there is a lack of enforcement of conditions attached to planning applications. A number of examples are noted below:


The Society, and others, drew Bucks Council’s attention to the use of land without the appropriate planning permission next to the Crowne Plaza for the storage of commercial vehicles. After several complaints the Council did act. However, at the date of writing the vehicles have returned.


When the development in Portlands by Crest Nicholson was approved a condition was made that there would be disabled access from the High St and from Portlands Alley. These facilities were not initially provided. After pressure the access from the High St was installed. However, to date access to to/from Portlands Alley has not been created. The cost of providing this is trivial.


At 29 Claremont Gardens planning approval was given for a loft extension. The actual build does not comply with the approval given. The Society has written to the Bucks planning department, but to date to action has been taken


Nuisance issues

Some planning and licensing applications are objected to by neighbours impacted by the proposals. One example is the proposed extension of operating hours for Maple Rise petrol station. The Society will support neighbouring Members in their objections but has no standing to object itself.


Richard Parker



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