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The Marlow Society


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Marlow Society Publications

Hard Copy: The Society has copies of The Marlow Historian for sale. These provide a valuable insight into aspects of Marlow's history. If you wish to purchase copies please contact the Society via


Free downloads: There are a large number of interesting Local History articles to view online and/or to download as a .pdf (free) - in the Marlow History section of this website )




The Marlow Historian is an occasional journal in which members of the Local History Group publish the results of their explorations into Marlow's past. Many pieces of research cover local subjects and events in far more detail than is otherwise available, and without this publication would remain unrecorded and ultimately unknown. Since 2000, seven editions have been published.


Marlow Historian 1 is out of print, but can be viewed / downloaded here


Marlow Historian 2 £4.00

Marlow's coat of arms - A history and explanation of the town coat of arms.

The Greatest theatre in the universe - A biography of John Richardson, a Marlovian who became a great early 19th C showman.

Recording Bisham churchyard - The value of gravestones as local history..

Smallpox - 18th century inoculations - Childhood illnesses of the period.

An illustrated guide to Marlow and neighbourhood, c1903 - Details, with illustrations, from an early guide book.

The Pugin connection - Marlow and the Gothic revival - A history of Marlow's Roman Catholic church.

Reflections from flared headers - A survey of  local brick tradition.

Belfry excursion to London - The report of a Victorian belfry outing to Barnum and Bailey, a pantomime, etc.

The history of thimbles - The thimble mill of the Loftin family at Marlow.

A visit to the races at Marlow - A report from the London Magazine, 1752.

The General Strike at Marlow - A brief report from the Bucks Free Press.

An extract from the court roll of the Manor of Widmere, 1755 - The order for each house to have an iron cross on its gable.


Marlow Historian 3 £4.00

Barns of four parishes - The construction and use of local barns.

Marlow Fair - A description of the local horse and cattle fair.

Edward Wethered and the politics of hate - Edward Wethered’s life and his father’s libel suit against William Francis, master of Borlase, after Edward's death.

Copper and slate: Thomas Williams' slate pillar fence at Bisham - A history and detailed description of the slate fence at Temple.

Give a cheer for the bride - A poem composed for the marriage of one of Owen Wethered's daughters.

Recording Marlow churchyard - A progress report on an ongoing work.

The meaning of the name Marlow - A new analysis based on Celtic terminology.

Marlow regatta - A history of the regatta.

New Court memories - Mrs Edmonds' memories of being in service to Mr and Mrs Liston.

Advertisements from the Parish Magazine, 1882 - A fine collection of reproductions of steel engravings.


Marlow Historian 4 £4.00

Hard times at Hooks Farm a century ago - An analysis of crop rotation in the 1900s, based on an annotated OS map.

A High Street furniture business - The Mealing family and their business.

Old Trinity Church, Marlow - Trinity Church, from its erection to its deconsecration and subsequent use.

Marlow town clock - the Crown - A detailed history of the Market Square clock.

Marlow seamen at Trafalgar - Four men, details found via a database on Trafalgar, who claimed to have been born in Marlow.

The legend of Medmenham Abbey - Reproduced from a manuscript which was possibly written by General Higginson.

A Marlow madrigal - A paean of praise for Marlow from a Victorian London visitor.

Boscombe - A Chapel Street house.

Offensive manure at the Station, 1898 - The owner refused to remove it, so Marlow Urban District Council sold it for the public purse!


Marlow Historian 5 £4.00

The bridge that never was - A picture and brief explanation of the bridge planned in 1958 to replace Tierney Clark's iconic suspension bridge.

A history of Marlow market - The history of the market, as opposed to the fairs.

Marlow's children's games and pastimes - Games played in the earlier part of 20th C, as remembered by local people.

The Royal Military  College at Marlow and High Wycombe - The story of the foundation and early years of the college.

Hilda Stow's memories, "As far back as I can remember" - Memories of childhood and schooldays in and around Marlow.

The history of Marlow's Crown inn - A detailed history of the inn.

A poster advertising the inauguration of Higginson Park

A brief history of Marlow's charities - This covers the poor rates as well as local charities.

Marlow and Mount Everest - Sir George Everest attended the Royal Military College in Marlow.

Hands across the Midlands - A tenuous connection between Borlase and his Nantwich Grammar School sent the author on a nation-wide hunt for information.

A unique picture - The description of a little-known watercolour of Gyldernscroft by General Higginson.

The meaning of names - A brief note on the derivation of Hayes Place.

The Spotted Boy, fanciful child of nature - The life of George Alexander Gratton with John Richardson, with material about Mary Sabina and a modern explanation of their condition.

The Medmenham Overseers’ Accounts - Local names from the late 18th century are linked to present day inhabitants.


Marlow Historian 6 £4.00

Marlow Band - It’s history from 1910 to the 1980s.

It's just a lid - The story behind a pot lid, c 1890s, issued by a Marlow chemist.

An explosion at the gas-works - An extract from the South Bucks Free Press, 14-12-1872.

Notes on the Paget family - Lords of the Manor of Great Marlow in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Exploring Marlow Common - A survey of the history of the Common and connecting wood, with the houses around.

Great Marlow Bridge - A transcription of an inquisition into the administration of Marlow Bridge Trust, dating from the reign of James I.

Local funerals - Details of two funerals taken from a Victorian undertaker's accounts.

Marlow and the Post - A history of the postal service as it applied to the locality.

An advertisement from 1904 Marlow Guide - This shows the old toll house in Station Road.

Poppits - The history of a local firm making plastic beads and of their building, previously the town’s first cinema.

Marlow and Sir Roderick Murchison - A graduate of the Royal Military College in Marlow, who became the second director of the Geological Survey of Great Britain.


Marlow Historian 7 £4.00

Kenneth Grahame - His life story, with special reference to his childhood and later residence in Cookham.

Frank Percy Wild - A biography

T S Eliot, poet and dramatist - A biography and appreciation of the poet, who lived for a time in West Street.

Charles "Clixby" Watson - A commercial artist much in demand in the mid 20th C, who lived in Marlow.

Edgar Wallace - The creator of King Kong, and many other fictional characters, lived in Bourne End.

George Paine Rainsford James - A Victorian historical novelist, now unread and unreadable, who lived in Marlow for a short while.

Edward John Gregory, RA - A biography and appreciation of this eminent artist.

Richard of Cornwall and Marlow's medieval deer-park - This article traces Richard's life and his connections with the area.

A confusion of engineers - The Clark family of Cromwell House and their engineering achievements.

General Sir George Higginson - A biography.

Roll Call - An account of a famous Victorian war painting in which a young George Higginson figures.

Conrad Gustav D'Huc Dressler - A ceramicist working on Marlow Common, who turned to technology and invented the modern tunnel kiln.

The Truss family - The Truss family were bell-ringers in Marlow from the time of the first Elizabeth until the reign of the second.

Marlow workhouse, 1840 - How the High Wycombe Board of Guardians attempted to fit the paupers of 31 parishes into Marlow workhouse.

It was resolved... - The reproduction of a poster issued by the parish of Marlow in 1831, listing measures to combat a cholera epidemic.



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