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Road Signs in Marlow

After making a comprehensive record of every road sign between the By Pass and Market Square representatives of the Society met with Cllr Scott and Mr Molognhey of Transport for Bucks to discuss the proliferation of signage and the impact of the excess upon the appearance of the Town's Conservation Area.


Road Signs in Marlow As a consequence we hope to see a removal of some signs and the replacement of others by smaller boards. We also hope to see the removal of the many signs that are completely blank. This initiative is in support of the avowed objectives set out by the Town Mayor, Cllr Wilson.


We are yet [1 Feb 13] to receive a formal response to tell us what will be done and when but we are aware of funding allocated in the budget of the Local Area Forum.


With the support of Cllr Richard Scott we were able to persuade Transport for Bucks to replace the ugly signs in Market Place by smaller and less intrusive signs. These were installed during the summer. We hope you agree that a significant improvement has been made. It is frustrating that it takes so much effort and so long to achieve simple improvements to our town.



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