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Transport and Highways Action Group News 2022 - 2023

Transport and Highways News extracts, from the members newsletters:


April 2023


I'm afraid that there is nothing to report from our involvement with the South West Chiltern Transport and Highways Board as it hasn’t met recently.


However - in terms of transport and Marlow we are keeping an eye on what future plans the Town Council has for the 3 routes of the Town Bus service. This is funded through Marlow Town Council so we await developments. The 800 and 850 Arriva service is now 2 an hour rather than 3. The fleet is getting old and I will be looking to meet their team soon to establish what they have planned for the future. The frustration remains that there is no direct bus service from Marlow to Wycombe railway station. Surely this would generate demand?


We have to face the fact that most transport is by car - Marlow is increasingly a shopping and eating destination and we simply don’t have enough car park space. We have been lobbying for some time for a deck on the Riley Road car park. This is where, by the way, we believe a rank of fast EV chargers should be located. We are behind our Oxfordshire neighbours in this regard. As we also are in respect of a 20 mph limit in the town centre. The speed limit along the length of the A4155 not covered by speed cameras is “Drive as fast as you want!”


The Marlow - Wycombe - Bourne End - Marlow cycle path is still on the agenda. We await the outcome of discussions with a landowner on the missing link.


Andrew Wood


December 2022


The SW Chilterns Community Board's Transport and Highways Action Group meet, ostensibly, on a monthly basis but recently, due to a lack of progress on any bids for new projects this periodicity has dropped somewhat.


So here are our concerns:


The increasingly dilapidated Arriva bus service now operates on a two - rather than three - an hour frequency through the town on the 800 / 850 route. This leads to very full buses at the morning and late afternoon rush hours. There is of course still no direct bus service to either High Wycombe or Maidenhead rail stations from Marlow.


Wethered Road improvements are a long-running saga where safety improvements have been sketched out in the manner of a Bucks Council feasibility report - but nothing has yet been done.


A circular cycle route High Wycombe - Bourne End - Marlow has been in discussion for some time. We hope that the negotiations on access over a parcel of land south of Handy Cross will bear fruit.


EV Chargers - we are very far behind where we should be on a provision for electric vehicle charging in our public car parks. Again we seem to be stuck with Bucks County feasibility studies - which kick the can down the road. There are 15 cars per public charge point in the UK now - up from 5 per public charger last year, so this really needs to be addressed. We notice that towns such as Henley and Wallingford already have these installed.


Andrew Wood


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