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Website Information and Acknowledgements

The content of this website is provided by members of the Marlow Society, primarily the Officers/Committee and the Local History Group. The website is provided and maintained on a voluntary basis by a member of the society (Kelvin Warne).

Acknowledgements for third party content ...




Website Updates


If you are a member of the Marlow Society, or other Marlow organisation, and have information that would be suitable for the website, please email me (Website Admin) a copy with a brief instruction.


If you spot anything on the website that needs changing (eg an update has been missed) or if you believe something is not working for the organisation as well as it could, please let me know (politely) and I'll make any appropriate changes.


Where input sent to me is clearly appropriate I will update the website. If it's less clear, I will check with the appropriate committee member first.


The aim of the website design is to be easy to navigate, for the pages to load quickly and reliably and for the content to be clearly readable. If any of the website doesn't appear to be working as well as it should, please email me with details.




For items and comments relating to the website:

Contact Website Admin: tmswebadmin@

If you have any questions or comments for the Marlow Society or Local History Group, please visit the Contact Us page for contact details.







Third Party content is acknowledged in the article/section it relates to, or below. We aim to fully and correctly acknowledge all third party content - if you believe there is any omission, please send details to Website Admin.


In addition to the sources acknowledged elsewhere in the website, we thank the following:


Poppy Fieldimage resource website
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We hope you find this site useful. We've aimed to be as accurate as possible, but are unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this information.





To contact The Marlow Society:

Email: tmssecretary@

Post: The Marlow Society, 22 Rookery Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3HR.


To contact The Local History Group:

Email: tmslocalhistorygroup





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